Watch. Laugh. Learn.

Security awareness training you’ll want to watch.

Watch. Laugh. Learn.


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We believe in security training you don’t have to apologize for. Get people talking about security and create habits with humor with our Hashtag Awareness video-based training!


Who are we?

We are storytellers. We are educators. We believe in simple cyber security for the everyday soul. We are passionate this information should be easy to understand.  


Chad LodeR
Founder & CEO

Chad is Habitu8’s Chief Executive Officer.  A security industry pioneer, Chad brings over 20 years of experience leading high-growth tech companies. Prior to Habitu8, Chad co-founded Rapid7, a leading cyber-security company whose products are used today in over 120 countries. As VP of Engineering, Chad helped lead Rapid7 from a 3-person, privately-backed startup to a successful $900MM IPO in 2015.
“I’ve always believed that the keys to successful cyber security are culture and communication — successful CISOs know that their primary role is an educator rather than an enforcer. When you’re teaching your people about security, you shouldn’t be using training that you’ve got to apologize for in advance.”


Jason HoenicH
Founder & Chief Product Officer

Jason is a leader in the security awareness arena and a well-known speaker and blogger on the subject of awareness. He is the creator of the popular Hashtag Awareness video series and he brings over a decade of experience developing world-class awareness programs for companies including The Walt Disney Company, Activision Blizzard, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
“My experience building security awareness programs for the gaming and entertainment industries has taught me this: if you want to engage your employees and get them talking about security, you can’t just throw another boring CBT-based training at them. We live in the age of ‘Peak TV’ — people expect and demand high quality, binge-worthy content. If your training can grab their attention in the first 10 seconds and keep them engaged, that’s your chance to influence them and make them actually want to learn.”