Welcome to Security Awareness 2.0

We help companies build effective security awareness programs using our engaging training videos and proven strategy.

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Our security awareness training experience is changing the industry.

Below is a sample of our Animated Series (Passwords) and the trailer for our Live-Action series. The Passwords video represents how we're approaching training content. Our live-action episodes are great reinforcement content. Check out our demo!


Our brand new Animated Series is receiving white-hot reception from the industry. We talk about the security risks just like we would in person - with simple dialogue and easy to understand metaphors and we do it using really clean and engaging animation. These are designed for annual compliance training requirements, and users love them.


Our original series Hashtag Awareness are live-action episodes. These are what started it all. Funny, short videos highlighting a single topic. 

Combine them with the animated training videos for the perfect humorous reinforcement learning, or use them individually for monthly campaign content!

Topic List


  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Passwords
  • Free WiFi
  • Mobile Devices
  • Acceptable Use Policies
  • Reporting
  • CEO Scams
  • Third-Party Security
  • Physical Security
  • Travel Security
  • Information Protection
  • Social Media Privacy
  • The Security Team Message
  • Wrong Email Recipients
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What is Habitu8?

  • We help companies build effective security awareness programs using our engaging training videos and proven strategy.
  • Habitu8 is a security awareness company founded on real-world experience. 
  • Co-founded by Jason Hoenich & Chad Loder. Jason is an industry recognized security awareness expert who has built programs still in use by The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, and Activision Blizzard. Chad is well known for co-founding Rapid7 and is a respected CISO in the industry.

What do we provide?

  • Security awareness training content.  We’re creating training content to engage your employees the same way they prefer to interact with their world, by using high-quality, funny, character-driven stories in short 2-4 minute episodes.
  • We take a conversational approach to training content. Since our approach creates curiosity in the viewer,  it engages memory and learning functions in the audience. Basically, we get their attention and they learn because they're interested in what we're saying.

Why us?

  • Habitu8 is the only security awareness training vendor founded by security awareness experts. 
  • Most companies are tired of what they've seen in the market: boring, dull content that bores users and causes a disconnect with learning. 
  • We offer content designed by security awareness professionals, for security awareness professionals. Jason created the initial videos because he saw a lack of available resources in the industry.
  • We're here to be your guide, not to be the hero. That's your role.