What is Hashtag Awareness?

Hashtag Awareness is a lighthearted and hilarious take on the cyber threats we face in our day-to-day lives, both at work and at home.  It is a video series that consists of live-action episodes and animated videos.

  • Our live-action episodes are short, funny stories created, written, directed, and produced by Hollywood professionals and security awareness experts.
  • Our upcoming animated episodes take a little deeper look at these topics, providing learning moments and best practices for users. The animation studio creating the animation has several viral videos on YouTube. These make great LMS modules.

The Usual Questions:

What kind of companies is this right for?

All kinds. All sizes.

We're in lots of sectors: Financial, Healthcare, Legal, Entertainment & Media, Tech, Manufacturing, & more. The beauty of our videos is they're extremely user friendly, globally.

We have companies from <25 employees to over 250k employees using Hashtag Awareness.

How do I get them?

Pricing is determined by number of users sold as an annual subscription. You're getting access to the entire catalog. Yep.

We’re going to keep making great content. As a licensed customer you'll get access to anything new we release under Hashtag Awareness.

How do I use them?

We offer your choice of .mp4 high res files or SCORM packaged modules.

How is Habitu8 different from other vendors?

We are for us, by us.

Jason is a security awareness expert who has been in the trenches for years. He has built security awareness programs and custom LMS training for The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Activision Blizzard, and more.

Chad isn't too shabby either, having co-founded Rapid7 and served as a CISO for several well-known companies. 

Habitu8's focus is simple. Deliver the best content in the market and be super easy to work with.

We value awesome user experiences, whether it is your end users, you as the security awareness administrator, or as the CISO.