We’re as Real as Your Need for Security Awareness Training

Habitu8 was founded by two guys who’d seen the worst of what security awareness training has to offer. Jason is an industry-recognized security awareness expert who has created video training programs for The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures, and Chad is a respected Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and cofounder of Rapid7.

With Jason’s industry expertise and Chad’s understanding of neuroscience and how we interact with our daily lives in a digital world, Habitu8 was founded in 2017 to help companies redefine what an effective security awareness program looks like. Basically, Habitu8 is on a mission to get rid of boring, mind-numbing training programs and replace them with engaging, animated video training that changes behaviors for good. All it takes is teaching employees how to replace bad habits with good ones—and we’re really good at it.


Why Choose Habitu8

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We’ve got experience

We write with our animated and human talent in mind (the former can be quite particular), and our scripts are written by talented screenwriters, each with more than a decade of experience in the trenches of Hollywood.


We’ve Got a Global Mindset

We cast our videos with diversity in mind and write for a global audience using metaphors, common experiences, and scenarios that everyone—from Moscow to Washington D.C.—can easily relate to.


We Hate Double Standards

We’re proud that our training videos are written, directed, and produced by a group of crazy talented women.

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Animated Stuff Is Cool

Who doesn’t love animated videos? Who doesn’t love hilarious live-action videos? Nobody, that’s who. We’re visual creatures, and we retain more when we see ideas visually. That’s science, and science doesn’t lie.


We Don’t Do B.S.

If you’re looking for mainstream security awareness training, it’s time to close your browser. We don’t produce mainstream training b.s. We produce videos that change behaviors and get people talking.


Habitu8 Is Built by Us, for Us

We’re the only security awareness training video vendor that’s built by security awareness training professionals. We’ve done our time in the trenches, and we’ve thrown out everything that sucks and kept everything that works.

The Birth of Hashtag Awareness®

The true story behind our immensely popular live-action series will shock you! But enough with the click-bait. Here’s the story:

Jason was working at Disney as an awareness pro, and he spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find funny, short videos to make security training suck less. Believe it or not, Jason couldn’t find a damn thing that he felt excited about putting in front of his coworkers—these were, after all, the kind of people who worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and Pixar films.

Knowing he needed something light-years ahead of what was available, Jason wrote and filmed some short, funny security awareness videos for Disney. At the next industry conference, he shared some of the videos and blew minds—his peers wanted the videos, they needed the videos. So, Jason created a pilot episode and presented it at the next gathering, where he presold an entire season to some major companies.

After finishing the series, he took the completed season to the RSA Conference, which resulted in some future competitors trying to woo him into acquisition. Knowing he had something epic in the works, Jason held out, Chad joined the team, and Hashtag Awareness® and Habitu8 were born.