Should we train our contractors in security awareness?

Should you train your contractors in cyber security awareness? The short answer is YES, but there are important HR and legal issues you need to consider before rolling it out. If you approach this without careful planning, you could run afoul of taxation and labor laws governing the classification of employees vs. independent contractors. Read on to understand how to navigate this issue and get everyone trained up!

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Chad Loder
BRAINWASHED: Humans are the weakest link

I'm kind of over all of this complacent industry agreement that hacks will happen because humans are the weakest link. It's become a catchall, responsibility avoiding excuse within the security world. I've heard it spewed profusely at security conferences, in business meetings, and its a rampant excuse/comment on LinkedIn & Reddit posts. It's on the same level as responding to an issue with "well, boys will be boys", or "she shouldn't dress that way if she doesn't..." - no no no.

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Jason Hoenich