BRAINWASHED: Humans are the weakest link

I'm kind of over all of this complacent industry agreement that hacks will happen because humans are the weakest link. It's become a catchall, responsibility avoiding excuse within the security world. I've heard it spewed profusely at security conferences, in business meetings, and its a rampant excuse/comment on LinkedIn & Reddit posts. It's on the same level as responding to an issue with "well, boys will be boys", or "she shouldn't dress that way if she doesn't..." - no no no.

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Jason Hoenich
I quit my 6-figure Hollywood job to start a Security Awareness company. Here’s why.

I’ve walked away from the comfort and security of a high-paying job, in a career trajectory that was just beginning to peak. While I was managing the security awareness & training program for The Walt Disney Company, I began looking for a vendor doing high-quality, funny, security awareness videos. I am so very excited and proud to introduce our new company, Habitu8, Inc. (pronounced ha-bit-chew-ate).



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