We’re super passionate about security awareness and we’ve focused our efforts on creating the best content in the industry, while also being real easy to do business with. We’ve been in all the shoes - from the end user, to the security awareness program manager, to the CISO. We’re for us, by us.



Chad is a security industry pioneer. As the former co-founder and VP of Engineering at Rapid7, Chad helped develop a family of cyber-security products that are still used in 120 countries today – an impressive portfolio that helped take the company from a private startup to a successful $900 MM IPO. These days, Chad combines startup agility with strong beliefs in culture and communication to revolutionize how Habitu8’s family of clients learn about and train for better security.

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Jason’s the guy behind world-class awareness programs used by mom-and-pop companies like Walt Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as the creator of Habitu8’s wildly popular and infectiously funny Hashtag Awareness ® video series. His oratory prowess has made him a hot ticket on the security awareness circuit but his talents reach far beyond the realm of coveted public speaker. 


jules okafor
svp of global sales

Juliet Okafor, J.D., is a cybersecurity professional who has combined her knowledge of the legal system and cybersecurity solution models into success stories across fortune 500 industries throughout the USA.  Her ability to scope, plan and design the creation of an OT Cybersecurity Management System framework for one of the largest cruise lines in the world is testament of her commitment and leadership regardless of the challenge.  

The unique value of Juliet’s ability within the cybersecurity field is also evident in her relentless and dynamic approach to understanding the expectations, needs, and requirements of her clients in concert with providing the best cybersecurity technologies and services required.  


Benita robledo
executive director & writer

Benita is a movie-making maven whose expertise extends to both sides of the camera. Her practically preternatural ability to conceptualize and execute imagery that’s as evocative as it is effective has taken her from the mean streets of Gossip Girl to the hirsute set of MTV’s Teen Wolf before landing her the coveted role as the main writer and director of the virally delicious Hashtag Awareness series

You can follow her passion for Eco-Fashion Sustainability on her Instagram and Blog.